The African Descent Essay

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1. Criollos: This term is often referred to as creoles, and it relates to the people of pure European descent born in the Americas. They were often the ones who carried out independence movements in Latin America, as they were tired of being subdued by the European natives and thus wanted to be the elite class. They did not seek to improve the lives of non-white people, and used theories of racial purity to keep them under control.
2. Mestizos: It refers to the non-white people present in Latin America. They are the result of various mixtures between people of Spanish, Indian and African heritage. They constituted the bottom of society before and even long after independence was achieved in the majority of the nations in South and Central America.
3. reinos and peninsulares: European natives who lived in Latin America. Before independence was obtained in the various South American countries, they were at the top of society, and subjugated both the creoles and the mestizos. In most cases, only peninsulares were appointed to the colonies’ highest office positions in the colonial governments.
4. Toussaint L 'Ouverture and Henri Christophe: They were the two main key protagonists of the Haitian revolution, which which allowed Haiti to become independent from France in 1804. Haiti was the second nation to obtain self-rule in the Western Hemisphere.
5. The American Declaration of Independence (1776): It was adopted in the Second Continental Congress, and written by Thomas
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