The African Ghana Empire

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Ghana, so named because of the West African Ghana Empire, home to the grand ethnic group Soninke. The Ghana Empire was in the area of Africa that is now Southeastern Mauritania and Western Mali. By the end of the sixteenth century, ethnic groups that made up Ghana have already settled into their current locations. While the dedicated archaeological research of historians and oral history have uncovered and found remains that show that the area has had inhabitants since around 4000 BC, to this point in time, it seems the societies that lived there did not leave many traces for historians to study. Research does show that between 1471 and 1482 the Portuguese are the first to arrive on the coast of Guinea, known at this time as The Gold Coast, due to the its precious minerals. Thoughts of gold, ivory and pepper bring these settlers to this land and lead them to build the first European structure in the country. The first structure ever built here is a fortress named Elmina, which means, the Mine. This makes way for the Gold Coast to become the lead supplier in gold to Europe. Modern Ghanaian territory was the center of the Empire of Asante, this empire was considered to be a very advanced state during the sub-Saharan African centuries. This time was before colonial rule and according to history, the King of the Asante Empire had at his disposal, five hundred thousand troops that he could call on at any time. This time period was marked by agricultural expansion and towards
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