The African Of African Diaspora

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The African diaspora also known as the forced movement of primarily Western Africans to various parts of the globe including the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. One of the most influential sectors of the African diaspora was the Trans-Atlantic trade route. According to PBS’ How Many Slaves Landed in the U.S.? “Between 1525 and 1866, in the entire history of the slave trade to the New World, according to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the New World,” out of the 12..5 million who were taken, approximately 10 million survived the dreaded middle passage. These freshly chained slaves afoot on unknown terrain were then separated and sold to the highest bidder at a local slave auction.…show more content…
Ancillary, employees who quit before the end date of their labor contract could be arrested and returned to their masters by a judge’s order. Southern Black Codes counted on vagrancy laws to coerce freedmen to sign labor contracts. Not all state constitutions limited these laws to unemployed blacks, many included others such as peddlers and gamblers. The code provided that vagrants could be arrested and imprisoned with harsh labor. However, the county sheriff could rent black vagrants to white employers to work off their sentence.Southern states constitutions also executed apprenticeship laws which yet again supplied white employers with black orphans, and the children of vagrants. These codes allowed courts to apprentice black children against their will until the age of 21 for men, and 18 for women. For another time, those in charge of the children were able to inflict whippings as punishment. Lastly, most Southern states established a racially segregated court systems for both civil and criminal cases. This was also the circumstance for any case that either involved a black defendant or plaintiff. The African American courts exclusively granted black witnesses the right to to testify in court, only in those pertaining to the person or property of an African American. Any crimes that a white person believed and African American may have committe had excruciating penalties. For the most part crimes such as, rebellion, arson, burglary, or assaulting a white woman

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