The African Struggle Over Time

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The African struggle over time has been a topic discussed by many scholars. In Walter Rodney’s, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, he approaches the issue of how Africa’s power was stolen from them. Rodney focuses on the relationship between Africa and Europe and the effects of exploitation on the African people by, “reinforcing the conclusion that African development is possible only on the basis of a radical break with the international capitalist system.” The tone in which the book is wrote uses Marxism, which can be controversial, to focus more on economic and political theories. Rodney argues that if it wasn’t for this exploitation, African societies would not be impoverished today. Six chapters are used to explain the…show more content…
In Chapter three Rodney focuses on the colonial period in which Africa helped develop the capitalist progression in Europe. “Colonialism was not merely a system of exploitation but one whose essential purpose was to repatriate the profit to the so called mother land,” states Rodney. Chapter four gives an historical background of Africa in 1885 and emphasizes on the value that came from the enslavement of Africans. This time period holds a major significance to the underdevelopment of Africa because of the Berlin conference. Africa was then divided up due to the scramble in which Europeans fought over power. The fifth chapter argues that colonialism was the main factor in underveloping Africa as a whole. Rodney argues that colonialism only did one thing, and that was steal Africa’s resources and strip them of their land. Europeans took so much from the Africans and made sure to give nothing back which explains the type of relationship they had. In chapter six, Rodney argues against past scholars who believed that colonialism had valuable outcomes in the end. The author shows how the economic and political state Africa was left robbed due to colonialism, he then provides strategies to fight against the underdevelopment. It is clear that that Rodney is pushing his audience to understand that Europe should be held
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