The After Effects of Hitler Essay

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The After Effects of Hitler Hitler's actions during World War II had a profound effect on world society during the war, but the effects after the war were just as important, if not more important. During the war, Hitler's action outraged most of the world, yet his actions had effects on the entire world after the war as well. For instance, economically, countries involved in the war either benefited from the war in the form of jobs and industrial revolutions, or countries involved in the war, such as Germany, were crushed by it because of the tremendous debts and revolutions spawned by the weakening of the governments. The war also had a tremendous impact on society, anywhere from the creation of The United Nations world charter,…show more content…
The treaty stated that "There shall be paid by the German Government the total cost of all armies of the Allied and Associated Governments in occupied German territory...3. As one can imagine, this would put an extreme burden on the people of Germany. The German government and economy
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