The After World War I

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Post WW1 Isolationism Many events had led to the U.S turning away from international affairs after World War One, this making them an isolationist nation. Isolationism is the policy of remaining apart from affairs and otr interests of other groups, political affairs of other countries. After World War One the U.S tried to reduce their appearance in world affairs. The U.S refused to join the League of Nations. Even though the American president at the time, Woodrow Wilson, thought they should join in world affairs to try and create peace, the Americans felt that they did not want the U.S to be apart of yet another European conflict that could create another war especially after the destruction and cost of World War One. This is because Americans saw the Nation of Europe as a problem nation that could be easily be involved in internal and external disagreements drawing in the U.S into another war that would have not much to do with the Americans. The U.S closed doors to immigration excluding the Chinese, Japanese,other Asians, and Europeans(Eastern and Southern). The U.S turned against immigration because of anti-European feelings after World War One, believed immigrant labor forced down wages, railroads/industries were built which meant that there was no need for the abundant amount of unskilled workers. Also, they thought that the Eastern and Southern European immigrants could never be solid true Americans and saw them as less important. Lastly, the Radical political
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