The Afterlife And August Sky

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The characters in both stories experience important, but hard to deal with rites of passages. For example, we see in October Sky how O’dell has to deal with his abusive step dad. In The Afterlife we read how Robert all his life has had to deal with not having a home to live in because his parents left him. These are all important because they can affect the characters later on in there life. Making them act or think a certain way about the type of situations they are going through or went through. The purpose of this essay is to explain the similarities and differences between two texts. The two texts, The Afterlife and October Sky, are similar in some ways, but very different in other ways. To begin with, one similarity I could find between these two texts was how in both stories there is a character that has to deal with not having a home for themselves due to their parents leaving them. In October Sky we see how Homer finds were Quentin lives to get help from him to be able to solve some math equations to prove his innocence.They work together to solve these equations and then after they are finished they step outside. Quentin asks Homer to not tell the rest of the rocket boys that he lives in a governor 's mansion. We see here that he is going through a family Issue in this case more specifically being abandoned by his parents. In The Afterlife we see the same exact rite of passage. In this case Robert is the character dealing with being abandoned
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