The Aftermath Of Abduction And Human Trafficking

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The Aftermath of Abduction and Human Trafficking Throughout history, there have been numerous events that elicit psychiatric symptoms in those affected. Due to its recurrent nature and increasing emergence in society, human trafficking poses a major threat to the health of young women everywhere. Stressors such as this can be detrimental to the cognitive functioning of a person; therefore, recognizing indications of a mental disorder in its early stages can help during the process of diagnosis and treatment. Commonly observed physiological and psychological effects of abduction and trafficking include Stockholm syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. By inducing this type of trauma, abductors and traffickers are permanently impairing victims’ abilities to function normally in their communities. An individual can be introduced to human trafficking, more specifically the sex slave industry, either immediately or by gradually becoming involved while remaining aloof to what is happening. A program named the CNN Freedom Project covers multiple stories on child trafficking worldwide, and its aim is to offer help and further explore the depths of the issue. Jada Pinkett Smith and the CNN Freedom Project worked together to spread awareness of trafficking through a “CNN Special Report” titled Children for Sale, that featured former victims and traffickers. In the documentary, Smith interviewed multiple women about the struggles of growing up in ‘the

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