The Aftermath Of World War II Essay

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The aftermath of World War II in East Asia resulted in much more than the rebuilding of individual governments or countries. The Second World War is still a major factor in diplomatic rifts between East Asian Countries. The treaties signed to end the war could not erase decades of history central to the current relationships between East Asian countries. Unfortunately, that is exactly what some argue Japan is doing through government-approved revisions of history textbooks. The textbook revision controversy in East Asia is multi-faceted and cannot be solely attributed to the aftermath of the World War II, but it does illustrate the effect of the World War II on international relationships in East Asia even still today.
It’s hard to imagine how a textbook could cause so much dispute. While the international contention is based on the content of the government-suggested revisions, it is important to understand the textbook revision history and process first. The basis of the current textbook approval system in Japan dates back to pre-World War II. Post-war, the Japanese government used this already-in-place system to “blot out passages that might offend the American occupiers” (Masalski). During this time of American occupation post-war, the Supreme Court for the Allied Powers enforced a system of yearly government review of textbooks in order to ensure that textbooks did not encourage emperor-worship or militarism (Masalski). The textbooks used in Japanese schools are…

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