Essay The Aftermath of Residential Schools

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Aboriginal people in Canada are the native peoples in North America within the boundaries of present-day Canada. In the 1880’s there was a start of residential schools which took Aboriginal kids from their family to schools to learn the Roman Catholics way of culture and not their own. In residential schools Aboriginal languages were forbidden in most operations of the school, Aboriginal ways were abolished and the Euro-Canadian manner was held out as superior. Aboriginal’s residential schools are careless, there were mental and physical abuse, Aboriginals losing their culture and the after effects of residential schools.
For more than a century, well over 100,000 Aboriginal children attended the schools, jointly run by Ottawa and four canadian churches. In all, around 20% of natives went to the schools. For generations, the highly underfunded system subjected defenceless children to emotional, physical and sexual abuse. There were children burned with cigarettes, punched at and sexually harassed. The residential school called The Gordon, reserve lies 100 km north of Regina. The school was torn down shortly after it closed in 1996, but it had been no luck in the horrid game of a lawsuit. About 230 plaintiffs received between $25,000 and $150,000 each because of sexual abuse they say they suffered at the school. One who was brought to justice was the school administrator still referred to respectfully as “Mr. Starr” by many of his former students. He worked at Gordon…