The Aga Khan Development Network

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Since 1967, the current Aga Khan has worked with AKDN. The organization’s members and founders are Muslim and practice traditional Ismaili Islam, but their mission is not to convert or evangelize. Rather, AKDN’s goal is to promote pluralism and conduct development projects which “uphold the dignity of man” (About AKDN).
The Aga Khan Development Network works across the globe, in approximately 30 countries, most of which are considered underdeveloped, mainly in Asia and the Middle East. According to the Foundation’s website, the Development Network employs roughly 80,000 people across the various sectors of the organization along with a large volunteer base on every continent.
The Aga Khan Development Network is a broad name for an intricate web of development categories including Economic Development, Social Development, and Culture. These three branches of development are further categorized into a variety of agencies, all under the Aga Khan name. There are eight agencies involved in the Foundation, including the Agency for Microfinance, Aga Khan University, the University of Central Asia, and the Trust for Culture. Finally, these larger agencies can be broken up into even more groups and initiatives, which facilitate development in very specific ways.
The organization of AKDN is extremely…
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