The Against Dropping Out Of College

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Reading this, you are most likely a self-driven individual attracted to dropping out. You have been seduced by the stories about millionaire entrepreneurs from whom dropping out of college became a fast track to success. Having digested this article, your viewpoint on this decision will change and you will become professionally informed to make the only valid decision regarding dropping out. Follow some of the strongest unconventional arguments against dropping out of college: The Magazine of Higher Learning provide overview of the main arguments in favor of earning a college degree, “College graduates earn significantly larger earnings over a lifetime, have lower unemployment rates, enjoy better health, and higher marriage rates.” So why do only 56 percent of the students who enter colleges and universities in America graduate within six years and others Dropout? This ever-topical issue has a number of reasons. 1) Most drop out for financial reasons as suggests, “60% of college dropouts had no help from parents in paying for tuition.” 2) Time-management problems are another huge reason, “Being Unable to balance school, jobs, and family is one of the top reasons for dropping out.” ( 3) Intrinsic motivations also play a significant role but are hard to estimate and account for. 4) Others should not have attended College in the first place. According to, 30% of college and university students drop out after their
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