The Age Is The Idea Of White America

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A major issue in today’s age is the idea of “White America”. Ta-Nehisi Coates brings forth the ideas of white America often throughout his book, Between the World and Me, as well as the struggles he has as a black American. For many years, people have been pushed or pulled to America in hopes of finding the American dream everyone talks about. The dream of coming to America and exploring the new frontier. Eventually, to become wealthy and become an upper class citizen are all factors of achieving the dream. Although, little do they know that the dream is not obtainable by everyone. Coates asserts the American dream revolves around being white. Often times, blacks will begin to “act white” in order to achieve this American dream or achieve…show more content…
As stated before, abandoning their natural demeanor and presenting themselves as more approachable in the workplace. In addition, conforming to certain social groups, where the live, or even who they acquaint themselves with are all factors of acting white. The idea of the American Dream is equivalent to the pressure to act white, “I tell you now that the question of how one should live within a black body, within a country lost in the Dream, is the question of my life, and the pursuit of this question, I have found, ultimately answers itself” (12). On July 19,1962, Martin Luther King gave a speech regarding the American Dream in the eyes of a black man. In the speech he states, “We are simply seeking to bring into full realization the American dream- a dream yet unfulfilled...a dream of a land where men no longer argue that the color of a man’s skin determines the contents of his character”. To this day, the dream is still unfulfilled; blacks still fight for impartiality and equality. Today, many blacks are still targeted as being criminals or are stereotyped immediately about where they live or what organizations they are a part of due to the color of their skin. A specific example, is when Jackie Robinson rose from all of the ghettos into becoming a wealthy individual, “of the Jackie Robinson elite, whose parents rose up out of the ghettos, and the share-cropping
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