The Age Of 16 I Learned Essay

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An Introduction to Anastasija Walker
At the age of 16 I knew I was different. Different from every person around me at school, different from my family (though I loved them), and different from any other person I happened to run into walking down the street. First, I am freakishly smart which was a blessing and a curse. Second, I am beautiful again freakishly, to the point that many people thought I had undergone plastic surgery to make me look perfect. Being 16 was a nightmare considering high school was the place I spent most of my time. Being extremely smart and beautiful did not win you friends. Boyfriends…forget it! If the boys were popular they wanted the beautiful girl until they realized I was a nerd. If the boys weren’t popular they were too scared to talk to me. I was an outcast because I was different but the problems didn’t start until my 17 birthday when life completely changed. My life became a living nightmare when my parents were killed. Killed because I am too smart and too beautiful for my own good. Killed because I am different from every person who has ever walked into my life. Killed because not only am I smart and beautiful but my parents were human and I am not. I found out I was not human on my 17th birthday. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
Let me take you back, back to the day before my birthday, back to when I was just a beautiful freak genius, my nickname for myself: BFG. Yeah, I know Big Friendly Giant but it worked. I told you I am nerd at
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