The Age Of America 's New Imperialism

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Imperialism in the 1890s The 1890’s was the age of America’s new imperialism. The idea of imperialism resulted from the belief of Manifest Destiny, the idea of expanding America’s frontier from coast to coast was destined by God. The continuation of filling up western land created a closed frontier, pushing America to expand to other places outside of the mainland. The principle of expanding to other areas was to help America become a world power. The closing of the frontier was introduced by Frederick Turner in the The Significance of the Frontier in American History. The western frontier created “American’s toughness, resourcefulness, and individualism” since it gave individuals new opportunities to start a new life such as finding new mining sites for precious minerals. The frontier was America’s “safety valve,” the idea that if employment was incapable in the east or overpopulation in the cities, that life can start over by moving west, and was basically America’s security in “political power.” However, with the unavailability of land, America believed it was one of their duties to expand their Anglo-Saxon superiority to other countries and to look for economic opportunities. Imperialism, additionally, was supported with Alfred Mahan book The Influence of Sea Power upon History in the interest of America for the country own interest. The idea of America becoming more involved in world affairs was encouraged by Mahan with “the creation of a powerful navy… (and)
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