The Age Of Consent

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it was deemed so unusual for a woman to have an affair with a boy. Pathetically, men desiring young girls is practically a norm, particularly the way girls are increasingly sexualized at younger ages in popular culture.

However, this situation would be fine if the two "love birds" lived in Hawaii, where the age of consent is fourteen. Is it fair that depending on the state we reside in, determines who we date? Also, is it right that an eighteen-year-old is wrong for having a sexual relationship with a girl who is only one year younger than him, but may not be of the age of legal consent? Then is it okay for a seventeen-year-old to have intercourse with a sixteen-year-old, since both are under the age of consent? So can one see where the perspectives get foggy and the laws need to be adjusted consequently. Not all these questions can be easily resolved, however could be if the following occurred. In my opinion, all US states should have one uniform age of consent, sixteen. My own experience is that many sixteen and seventeen-year-old teens know the emotions and consequences of having sex, just as much as teens of eighteen and nineteen. I also believe that a three-year range of difference in age suitable, with a guideline constructed stating this.

The law states that statutory rape is having sexual intercourse unlawfully with a child of below sixteen years of age, and it is punishable by imprisonment in a state prison or serving a term in a correction
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