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Ever since I can remember when I was a child my mother has told me that our grandparents should be respected and valued no matter what age or state of mind they are in. And my own mother backed up her reason why my grandparents should be admired is because their old age. And as a child I would think about old age as gross and completely useless. However when I started to grow older myself, I started to notice why my own mother said what she said. During this time I view old age differently, when it comes to old age many people think those that are around the age of death are hopeless and should just give up in life.
Although some people might think this way I started to be aware of the great values that my own grandparents have on me.
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Even though my grandmother has this progressive disease, she doesn’t give up in remembering her past life and understanding basic functions. And my own mother also doesn’t want to abandon my grandparents’ even though they are not mentally stable and physically stable to do anything.
My mother also told me that when she hits the age of 78 just like my grandparents, she doesn’t want to be put in an elderly assisting living facility and the reason why she said this is because she doesn’t want to be abandon by me. And she also pointed out that when she hits that age she will keep up with her exercises and her healthy eating routine that she has always had. The next thing that she said to me was that death will come to everyone and that death is part of everyone’s life no matter if you’re rich or poor, mentally stable or not, physically stable or not, it will come. However she also said even though death comes for everybody, “you have to fight your death to stay alive and that life is a precious thing that needs to be kept as long as you can defeat the demise of your ending time”.
After what my own mother has said to me, I started to rethink about the meaning of death. And if it’s really worth to fight you’re ending years to come to live longer in life?
As the meaning of death abdicative in my mind, I started to even think further when I came cross the article “Why I Hope to die at 75 by Ezekiel Emanuel”. This article that is written by a highly respected medical
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