The Age Of Dignity By Ai Jen

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After reading The Age of Dignity by Ai-Jen Poo, I realize that she brings out many good concerns and information about where our country is heading in the upcoming years. Throughout her book we discuss our golden years and the care that we should be able to receive and how crucial it is for our personal wellbeing, independence, and securing our own futures. The 85 plus age group is one of the fastest growing demographics in the US and Poo talks about the possible solutions that need to be created in our infrastructure before we have an even bigger crisis on our hands. It’s a fact that the elderly baby boomers cohort is growing faster than we can care for them, this shows that we need to implement a new system that will be able to care and support our many elders in their life, and how we can do it with financial competency and dignity.
In Ai-Jens book she talks about the many possibilities that can take place if we just start the conversation about aging and dying. She tells many eye-opening stories about the lives of a vast majority of elderly people, immigrants and undervalued care givers and their everyday struggles in the care system we currently live in. Included in these stories are her own personal experiences and current situations concerning her family with aging and how this affects her, as well as millions of Americans. While giving a clear detailed outline of what a thriving care system should look like, Poo also brings in possible solutions to immigration,

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