The Age Of Employees At Detroit Chrysler

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Probable Number and Age of Employees In Detroit Chrysler has over 4,600 employees ranging from the ages of 23-55 years old working for the plant. With this age group specific health care needs to consider are regular checkups, preventive exams, and monitor and educate on possible health risks. Older employees are prone to infections, loss of reflexes or senses. Younger employees need to be educated on proper nutrition, weight control, and exercise and safety measures. The average age of employees used to run 16 and up, but now it runs 29 and up on age. The number of employees in a single fast food store in Texas and the US as of 2015 is 15 employees. For this age group specific care needs or issues relate to promoting safe sex, substance …show more content…
Probable Hierarchy of Needs The basic needs are usually met because employees are paid well, safety and security is essential because employees are always at risk in this profession and if they don’t feel safe or unsafe their basic needs are jeopardized. Providing employees with good pay and a safe environment allows them to feel like they belong within the company and therefore builds their self-esteem and actualization about themselves and the work they do. In doing so they are more productive. Fast food employees are usually underpaid and basic needs are usually not met. Safety and security measures in many fast food stores are not adhered to or met so many accidents happen causing employees to lose or fear loss of their basic needs. This causes employees to lack self-esteem and actualization about their job and surroundings. Individuals lose interest in their jobs and performance at work. Where I work my basic needs are met, and we run a tight office with several safety and security measures. I love being there and working with my co-workers and the families that come in and out of our office daily. My actualization here is high because I feel satisfied with my job.
Individual Focus Change Follow the safety guides, wear protect goggles, and follow chemical hazard guidelines. Ask questions if concerned with your health and safety. Learn the proper
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