The Age Of Enlightenment : Classical, Romantic, And Modern

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Throughout history, music has transformed and evolved from style to style with numerous contributions by many composers and musicians that have dedicated their lives to changing the music world. We saw huge changes in styles between each musical era. From 1750 until the present day, there have been three major musical eras: classical, romantic, and modern. All three of these eras have brought new and innovative ideas to the world, but they are all drastically different stylistically, philosophically, and musically. The classical period lasted from about 1750 to 1830, and this period was known as the “age of enlightenment.” The age of enlightenment emphasized thinking, reason, and individualism rather than the traditional authority that was emphasized in previous years. This new idea challenged the authority of institutions, such as the Catholic Church. The age of enlightenment also changed society, music, and the arts because of the rise of the middle class. Due to the social rise of the middle class, the role of music was no longer only composed for the aristocracy like it was during the baroque period. It was now geared toward the needs of a more diverse audience causing the music to be more simplistic. The classical music was known to be light, soothing, and simple music. Classical music moved away from the frilly and ornamented musical style that was used in the previous baroque period. The style of music during this time period was not modernized or complex, but there…
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