The Age Of Exploration And Its Effect On Religion

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The age of exploration was was an extremely essential part of history.The age of exploration led to countless advances in science. The age of exploration also led to vast expansions of countries territory and vastly increased their power. From the the people who explored the new land to the one who seized and controlled the land. All of this was essential for the age of exploration to exist. The age of of exploration all started for only three simple reasons. The first of these three reasons is because of Religion. Almost everyone of the rulers in Europe wanted people to convert to their religion. The age of exploration opened up new opportunities to achieve an expansion on their religion. Expanding their religion would be done by this because the more territory that one country has, would lead the country to increasing its population. Then from having a bigger population that same country would have more citizens had more citizens under same religion as the country. The second reason is for wealth, and everyone wanted to be more wealthy. The new land that was found brought a multitude of possibilities for fortune. From gold to new land for plantations, to more supplies for a country that was running out of supplies for their citizens. With even more plantations that could grow more crops than they could ever grow in their crowded countries that they already lived in. A countless number of people would be able to move to the land. The third reason for the age of
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