The Age Of Exploration By Christopher Columbus

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The fifteenth to seventeenth century is known as the “Age of Exploration”. Europe began to colonize the countries they had “discovered”. A major part of the world that they colonized was Latin America. Spain was the first to colonize, and the United States started to take interest in Latin America towards the 19th century. Europe and The United States both took interest in Latin America, but for different reasons.
Spain was the first European nation to colonize Latin America, beginning with Christopher Columbus ' voyage in 1492. Columbus conquered Hispaniola, an island in the Caribbean Sea. A few decades later, Spain sent Hernando Cortez to conquer the Aztec Empire in 1519. In 1535, the Spanish moved deeper into South America and conquered the Incan Empire with the help of Francisco Pizarro.
When Europeans explored the world during the “Age of Exploration”, they colonized areas for a number of reasons. One reason was to spread Christianity. The Spaniards believed it was their God given duty to convert people to Christianity. A second reason was to acquire wealth through trade and exploitation of other countries’ peoples and natural resources. Colonizing and acquiring the land in Latin America also led to an increase in geopolitical power over other European countries.
The United States took interest in Latin America for economic and political reasons. The banana appears to be a distinct reason as to why the United States went over to Latin America according to Dan Koepple’s
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