The Age Of Five Years Old

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the age of five years old (UNICEF, 2013). Extreme poverty not only affects children, but millions of adults as well. The life expectancy rate of people in wealthy nations like the United States with access to regular medical treatment has risen to around seventy-eight years; while in developing countries like those of sub-Saharan Africa averages to fifty years (UNICEF, 2013). However, extreme poverty is not necessarily a death sentence, but those who live through it day-to-day suffer from disease and hunger. Lack of adequate food and nutrients results in malnutrition that causes severely impedes physical and mental development in children. Deficiency diseases are prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa due to poor diet. Furthermore, the food available is often ridden with parasites and harmful bacteria. The cause of parasites comes from poor sanitation and lack of proper health education.
Suffering occurs in mentally as well as physically. Extreme poverty creates a state of powerlessness, a sense of shame, and vulnerability, which destroys the will of individuals or even whole communities (Singer, 2009).
Furthermore, extreme poverty prevents many families from sending their children to school. While some families may not be able to send any of their children to school, others may have to make a choice of which child gets an education. The costs of tuition, fees, supplies, transportation, and uniforms might be low, but for impoverished families these costs become a major barrier.…
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