The Age Of Fourteen

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At the age of eleven I was forced to move out of my homeland, Portugal and move to a completely new country. United State of America was now my new home, which came with a new language that I did not understand at all. As time went by I learned the language and I also started to realize things were very different, the culture, society, folkways and values. Being born and raised in Portugal my thinking was different then the thinking of someone born and raised here. My culture was based on outdoors, agriculture, bowl riding and fishing, does were the things that were a part of my cultures. To me bowl riding, fishing agriculture and a traditional dancing called Rancho were the things of value to me. Everyone in my family danced Rancho, it was a tradition, something that was passed down from generation to generation. My grandfather plants and harvests his own vegetables, he fishes his own fish. He actually makes his own fishing nets. Same for my grandmother, her job is agriculture, she plants and harvest. The society I was part of everyone knows each other, everyone greats each other on the street and everyone got along. There was always time for everything, no matter how much you had to do somehow there was always enough time to play. The way was living was much more relaxed then the way of living here in the United States. Children would never disrespect older people, such as their parents, teachers or grandparents. In school there was never fights, everyone got
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