The Age Of Modern America

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It was the Compromise of 1877 that brought reconstruction in the south to an end. The compromise called for the withdraw of federal troops in the southern states, promised that a southern would be appointed as Postmaster General, offered the south federal subsidies, and in return, Rutherford Hayes would become president, and reconstruction would officially be over (Peskin). The closing of one chapter lead to a new one: the birth of modern America., the Gilded Age. Major changes were taking place in the country, almost all being a result of the rapid industrialization that was taking place. Cities thrived with people, most seeking out work. Inventions flourished, light flooded the streets with the widespread availability of electricity and the lightbulb. Time were definitely changing, especially within the social classes of America. The changes effected the classes in many different ways: the wealthy suddenly became wealthier, and the middle class moved up in the ranks, as well. The same could not be said for the lower classes, though, particularly the working-class. For them, times were tough, poverty was widespread and conditions were unsafe in almost any environment they inhabited. Despite the industrial revolution being a positive for many of the social classes in America, it was very detrimental to the working-class in that it lead to urbanization and overcrowding of cities, many people taking jobs in dangerous factories, and a seemingly disorganized family life.
It was
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