The Age Of Onset Type 1 Diabetes Essay

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Age of onset Type 1 diabetes can start at any age but most commonly it is before the age of 40, particularly during childhood (Wisse 2015).

Type 2 diabetes most often occurs after the age of 45, but in recent years it is starting to occur before this age in children and teenagers (Dickinson 2016).
Body Weight In terms of how a person’s weight is with type 1 diabetes, it varies from person to person. Having type 1 diabetes can also make the person lose weight unexpectedly (Wisse 2015). Most people with type 2 diabetes tend to be overweight or obese. However there are still people who have a normal body weight that can develop the condition (Dickinson 2016).
Heredity Researchers have still not been able to identify whether type 1 is hereditary or not. However, it is known that almost ninety per cent of type 1 diabetics have had no family members with the illness (AMRC 2016). Even though certain genes can make someone pre disposed to the condition, it has been found that an extra environmental trigger causes the disease to form (AMRC 2016). Type 2 diabetic patients have a stronger connection in having heredity as the cause of the illness even though it can still be caused by other factors. However, if the patient has a history of family members who have had the condition it can be challenging to determine if the diabetes was caused by genetics or other risk factors (American Diabetes Association 2016).

Insulin Type 1 diabetics do not produce insulin. Since there is no
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