The Age Of Revolutions And The Modern World

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The Age of Revolutions and the Modern World Name: Institution: Introduction The period from 1774 to 1848, is referred to as the Age of Revolution. This is because it saw various significant revolutionary movements take place that gave way to the complex modern world. These revolutions took place in different regions in Europe and across America. Some of the revolutions include: American Revolution, the Haitian Revolution, the revolt of the slaves in Latin America, the Greek Revolution, the French Revolution, and the independence movements of nations in Latin America. These revolutions are considered to have impacted the world as they changed different aspects of society including social setup, political aspects and the economic set up of the world (Matson, 2005). The term modernization refers to the transformation or change of a society from a rural and agrarian position to a more urban, secular and industrial position. Modernization developed rapidly after the age of revolution and changed the society. The idea of modernization is derived from the notion of an evolutionary society. This involves the transition of society from barbarism to a developed and…show more content…
Although they happened in distant continents, they have a number of similarities in relation to the events that led to the rise of these revolutions. Some of these factors include citizens of each state being treated unfairly by those in power. Initially there were a number of riots which erupted to protest tis misuse of power. The American Revolution, for example, started in mid 1770s, with the Battle of Lexington. The American Revolutionary War was a fight for the independence from the colonial rule of the British. The French revolution started a decade after the American revolution. Similar to the American revolution, the French revolution occurred following the desire to change the political authority in the
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