The Age Of Six, By Amy Tan

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Amy Tan, a 64 year-old Chinese-American novelist, believed that her life was tough and horrendous as a child. She said, “‘I remember that starting at the age of six, I had thoughts of suicide…The fact that I had those thoughts when I was very young was an indication that I was a very gloomy kid. I had some ways of thinking that were not healthy,’” (“Interview” 2). Her thoughts of wanting to disappear from the world were due to her roots, which were planted in a miserable family history, a hard, strict life, and painful personal traumas. However, those thoughts soon faded away when she discovered a passion, reading and writing. She used reading and writing as a way to ease her anger, sadness, despondency, and agony. Reading was where she found her best escape and her best answer’s to life’s questions. It was a refuge for her, and a place where she could use her imagination to paint the life she had always wanted, but had never experienced. Before she knew it, her love for reading and writing brought her to where she is today, as a renowned and successful author. When Amy Tan was born in Oakland, California, her parents, John Tan and Daisy Li, chose the Chinese name En-Mai, meaning Blessing of America. However, the blessing seemed inadequate. She struggled with trying to figure out how to deal with being a person of a Chinese descent living in the United States. Her distinct Chinese features made her feel like an outsider at school and made her stand out among her American
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