The Age Of Stupid : Film Review

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The Age of Stupid is a drama-documentary film about climate change. This film stars an archivist, Pete Postlethwaite, who is living alone in the year 2055 on a very devastating earth. In this film, his main aim is to try to understand why man-kind did not address climate change. He watches archive footage from the mid to late 2000s and asks “why didn’t we save ourselves when we had the chance”? The film begins where we are given a glimpse of the future, 2055 where the world is destroyed by disastrous climate change. We see all the effects of climate change, the Amazon rainforest is destroyed by fire, snow has disappeared from the mountain tops, the city of Las Vegas is now a desert and London has flooded. The major conflict is man’s continuous contribution to global warming, which is destroying the planet, and the lack of not doing everything we can to save the existence of the planet. Our inability to recognize our wrong doings and satisfying our extravagant lifestyle has simply left the planet in a state of depleted resources and rising temperatures, which eventually brought it to eventual extinction. In the film Postlethwaite shows the stories of six individuals whose lives paints a vivid picture of the approaching tragedy. We see how the lifestyle of man has negatively and solely contributed to the global phenomenon of global warming. I chose this film because of the significance of the main environmental problem it highlights. Global warming is an important issue that
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