The Age Of Sustainable Development

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In his book, The Age of Sustainable Development, Jeffery Sachs begins with the role of technological change in sustainable development. Sachs uses the Maglev in Shanghai as an example of how technological change can help with sustainable development. It improved transport services and energy efficiency, eventually enabling a shift to a clean low carbon system. Instead of being powered by finite resources such as coal or petroleum, the Maglev is powered by electricity. In most cases states are resistant to adopt practices that encourage sustainable development because they believe it will hinder their economic growth. However, with technological advances such as the Maglev, states have incentives to change because it increases…show more content…
Collier claims sustainable development relates to climate change and poverty through good governance, economics, and population growth.

Collier points to the fact that as populations have grown and the Southern climate continues to deteriorate, an increasing number of people will migrate to urban areas where there will be a limited amount of employment available. This scenario illustrates why sustainable development is vital. In this case, the link to unsustainability, climate change, and poverty can be clearly seen. Southern climate change forces farmers to migrate which directly contributes to the level of poverty and adds to the suffering of the poor. Traditionally, these individuals would at least be able to survive through farming and growing their own food but in urban areas these individuals will be unable to grow their own food.

Collier asserts that the poorest states are in need of rapid economic growth which creates tension between poverty reduction and the perversion of nature. This is most evident in China where their desire to grow economically has come at the price of pollution. While China has grown exponentially economically and have reduced poverty, this growth is not sustainable due to their negligence of the environment. The level of pollution in major cities has hurt the Chinese economy because individuals are refusing to do business there due to health
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