The Age Of The Cosmetic Epidemic

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In 1959, Barbie was created and sent the world, including every little girl, into a frenzy (Unknown). Barbie was the new thing; she was beautiful, blonde, and seemingly perfect. Children and parents even to this day both want to be just like the blonde haired, blue-eyed bombshell. It is obvious people will go through whatever measures to be plastic just like her. An overwhelming amount of Americans teens are choosing to change their appearance to fit into a highly unrealistic and unattainable standard of beauty that was created and forced upon us by our physically obsessed culture. There is no doubt that teens feel an enormous pressure to look “beautiful” and feel obligated to do whatever necessary to reach “perfection.” Contrary to what many believe, American teens, like most teens around the world, are actually falling out of the cosmetic epidemic. Even though surgery numbers are still high, the total numbers have actually reduced over recent years. Nonetheless, teens still seek perfection from the heavy burden placed on their shoulders by the media, peers, and, in rare cases, even parents. The most extreme form of physical modifications among adolescences is plastic surgery. Today there are only two types of plastic surgeries available, which include: cosmetic and reconstructive (Monohar). If a person is not entirely satisfied with a certain or many body parts, he or she can undergo cosmetic surgery to alter the body until he or she is satisfied. However, reconstructive
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