The Age Of The Digital Age

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In today’s society families spending quality time together without electronic distractions is a thing of the past. During this era of the digital age all family members are plugged in, hooked up, and or tapped into some sort of electronic device nearly 80% of the time. So, this doesn’t cause a real big desire for family time. This idea of family time started in the early 1950’s where a two parent household was more common and mom cooking dinner every evening was her job. Even today, divorced women suffer about a 45% decline in economic status and it was worse then. Today a woman can get a decent paying job but back in the Fifties, a woman’s best chance at employment was in traditionally accepted “women’s jobs” such as secretary, teacher, nurse, librarian and so forth ("1950s Family Life", 2016). So there was an economic incentive to stay married. However, over the years family time has dwindled and the digital age has caused a family divide. This digital media divide affects a family socially, ethically, globally, and lastly legally. Digital media can be used for good but monitoring the use within a family has become more prevalent than ever. However, the most important aspects in which to discuss during this research paper is the ethical and legal aspects as its definitive line which can be easily crossed. In the late 1950’s such topics concerning ethics/legal issues weren’t as prevalent in the 1950’s. During the digital era children have access to media
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