The Age Of The Female Students

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The equalization between the two groups is to neutralize any secondary or confounding variables and in order to ensure that the scores obtained may not be affected by such variables. The age of the female students has been calculated by months. Raven 's intelligence test of the progressive matrices is used to find out the intelligence of both groups. And a multiple choice item test has been constructed and its validity and reliability have been verified by the researcher to equalize students in the previous knowledge. Additionally, the students ' average scores in the previous year have been taken from the school manager. Also, the academic self regulation scale has been administrated. Therefore, the variables (age, intelligence,…show more content…
The topics of the essay test have been chosen from the textbook. After studying a number of analytical scoring schemes used in the field of study and consulting specialists in the field, the researcher has constructed an essay scoring scheme (see Appendix 2). Aiming at obtaining objectivity and reliability of the test, the score distributed on five dimensions according to the analytical scoring scheme designed by the researcher drawing on relevant literature. The rating was assigned for five criteria: organization and cohesion, style, language usage, mechanics and vocabulary. The entire test has been scored out of (60). Each question in the test is given 20 scores. Each dimension in the scoring scheme is given 4 scores. Thus, the highest mark the student could get is 20 while the lowest mark is 4. Face Validity of the Essay Writing Test To ensure the face validity, the test and the scoring scheme have been exposed to a jury of experts in the fields of ELT and Linguistics, who are asked to give their agreement, modifications or any additional points concerning the test and the scoring scheme. It is necessary to note that both the test and the scoring scheme are judged as being valid for measuring the essay writing performance of the students by all jury members by using the percentage of agreement, which means 100% agreement. The essay writing test has been administrated to the sample of (30) students chosen from the 5th secondary students
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