The Age Of The Renaissance

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The term ‘renaissance’, derives from the French language which translates to ‘rebirth’ or ‘revival’. Many English-speakers know of this term from its French derivative. This period in history spanned from the beginning of the 15th century to the end of the 16th century. This was transitional phase from the medieval ages to a new modern era. In Europe, the renaissance was a time of social and cultural changes. Many of the current social, cultural, and political structures in the USA have ties to the influences of this time period. During the renaissance there were three basic forms of Government: princedoms, monarchies and oligarchies. Political institutions are organizations which create, enforce, and apply the laws; mediating conflict; creating policies for economic and social systems; and to provide a representation for the people. “The term political institutions may also refer to the recognized structure of rules and principles”…to how an organization operates (Boddy-Evans. 2014). “The age of the Renaissance marked the transition from the civilization of the middle ages to the modern world” (Ferguson 1963). If this is the case, then therefore the Renaissance is the beginning of a new modern world with a new modernized government. The Italian city-states became transformed from communes to territorial states, each seeking to expand at the expense of the other. Machiavelli, a courtier and politician from Florence wrote a book called, “The Prince”. He argued that the most
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