The Age Old Question Of Who Discovered America

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The age old question of who discovered America first has been debated over for uncountable years now. Throughout history, innumerable people have been given the credit as being the first to arrive, or discover, America over the time span of hundreds of years. A few theories of who discovered America are Leaf Erikson, Native Americans, China, and surprises Muslims. All of these people, nation, or group of religion, have been justified or thought of to have arrived, lived, or landed in America before Christopher Columbus even thought about sailing. The Native Americans were in fact living in America when the colonists came over from England. The question that remains unanswered, however, is how and when the Native Americans settled in America. The internet article, “Native Americans migrated to the New World in three waves, Harvard-led DNA analysis shows” by Carolyn Y. Johnson, talks about where and when the first three waves of Native Americans originated from before coming to North America. Work alongside archaeologist, paleoanthropologists, and linguists, geneticists have figured out just who came to America first. According Johnson, “The researchers found that at least two other Asian populations came to the Americas after the initial migration’ (Carolyn p.10). With the new help of genetics, scientists are also learning about just what type of Native Americans lived here first along with where they came from. In this case several people are coming to believe that Asia was
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