The Age of Chivalry

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What was the middle ages in Europe like? Well, a man named Charles T. Wood wrote about it in a book called The Quest for Eternity: Manners and Morals in the Age of Chivalry. In this book, it is divided into four sections: The formation of Medieval Europe, The Age of Expansion, The Apogee and Hard Times and the Chivalric Afterglow. This book contains the living conditions of peasants, the church and the aristocrats. It also includes agricultural revolution such as the invention of the heavy plow and it looks over the fall of the Romans, the Crusades and lastly a time before the Renaissance. The following review of The Quest for Eternity: Manners and Morals in the Age of Chivalry by Charles T. Wood will include a summary of the book and a review.
To start off, there is a prologue, which reviews the years before the year 1000. It talks about the Germans, The Roman heritage, Christianity, and the Trinity. This prologue was to show if Charlemagne was successful or not. As the book continues to a time around Strickland 2

1000, Wood’s description of the peasants was well done; the reader will get as accurate a picture of the peasants and their life style. Also, the role of the church is clear and its function in making life a little bit easier to live. Religion meant a lot in the middle ages, especially Christianity. Their devotion to this religion helped
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