The Age of Enlightenment in Society

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Necessity is the mother of invention. Long ago after a treacherous, extensive war, when a king ruled over many lands he took away the rights of his people. This caused many philosophers, politicians, artist, writers and any other man who started to question all that each believed in and wanted rights, decided to finally say what they really thought of their king and how he was wrong with what he was doing (SparkNotes). As humans, everyone was born with natural rights that are incredibly important to have control over (John Locke). When they were stripped of their privileges it caused many to think of new ideas, or in other words, new inventions. Between the 1600’s and 1790’s enlightenment thinkers changed society with the new concept of putting power in the peoples’ hands. The king took away any self-dignity he could from any individual he may to gain more power for himself. With all of this capability and no one to stop him, he made destructive decisions. Everyone in the land was imposed with taxes, without any voice given from any personage. Men with lowest income received the highest taxes, and men with highest income received lowest taxes (Declaration). The so called “mighty rule” was destroying families, killing mothers, fathers, and even children. He made sure that living was the most laborious and strenuous thing the lower class peasants ever did. He pushed and pushed his followers, the further he pushed the more wroth they began to be. The king refused to give
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