The Ageing Population And Developments Within Canada Is Reaching Crisis Level

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Introduction The Ageing population in comparison to labor productivity and developments within Canada is reaching crisis level. Population analysts have explained that Canada needs an immediate overhaul of its migration policy to be able to contain the looming crisis caused by the ageing generations (Gazer, 2016). Currently it is estimated by 2021; approximately more than 17% of the total Canadian population will be over 65 years of age. Gazer (2016) explains that this represents an approximate 7 million people with the number projected to increases to almost 20 million representing 22.6% of the entire Canadian population. Government departments, state corporations, institutions and private organization require adequate professional…show more content…
The population control ideology led to the introduction of birth control methods within the child bearing populations with the models focusing on budget cutting measures and future plans determinations. The focus of government and states changed to the acquisition of wealth and economic stability with the reasoning that a stable country is one that meets its moral and statutory obligation of the provision of quality services to the citizenry (Keynes, 2016). The states and nations embarked in the provision and delivery of quality service to the population. The period witnessed the emergence of organized social security services to the citizenry. Health insurance, social and economic support to the citizens considered as poor. Keynes, (2016) asserts that working population who also happened to belong to the child bearing ages shifted concentration to economic stability and improved livelihood practices through manageable family sizes with more focus directed towards education and skills building. An average family size was no more than 4 in size on the maximum with majority of couples siring only a single child. The population control models and practices led to generational gaps existing within the society (Khan, 2015). Common to find are the complete absence of a generation within the society. The hospital maternity departments experienced cuts with very low delivery levels experienced. Coale, & Hoover (2015) explains that even though these

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