The Agency Wishes To Provide A Summary Of The Current An

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The Agency wishes to provide a summary of the current an ongoing situation with the rapid deterioration of Syria’s Civil War, which now includes multi-international coalitions supporting both sides of the civil war. This civil war also includes the spread and growth of ISIS aka ISIL aka Daesh’s influence across the globe and its continued spread of terror against all that oppose it. This briefing is designed to prepare the office of the Executive Chief to make well educated and decisive decisions for potential issues that will present themselves in coming days and over the next several years within the region.
The Syrian Civil war has its foundation rooted in civil protest, against the current government led by President Bashar al-Assad.
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To gain favorable support from the already war tired public, the United States presented the situation in Syria as that of a dictatorship denying basic civil rights to its people, democracy. The United States was trying to support the survival of democracy and to support the oppressed. This explanation provided to the general public to gain favorable support mirrors that of the Vietnam War, where the reason provided was to provide support to South Vietnam to prevent the spread of communism and maintain basic rights of democracy. The United States eventually committed to providing basic support of supplies and armament with very vague objectives in its commitment and limitations of said support.
Eventually, advisors would be sent in to provide the rebels with guidance and training to fight the better trained and armed Syrian Government. With the introduction of advisors into the civil war we again see a parallel in this action to that of in the Vietnam War’s introduction of advisors. This now placed American personnel on the ground in an active combat zone with the potential of being attacked or caught in the cross fire between the rebels and government troops. The United States escalation of advisors required the Syrian Government to also seek aid and support from other nations that were willing to stand against the United States. This opened the door for Russia, Iran and Hezbollah to back the Syrian Government to deny the United States further
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