The Agency 's Job And How They Go About Their Work

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Within this paper I will be talking about the Agency’s job and how they go about their work, including different types of examples where they have actually done work and helped an individual or the public to prevent discrimination or sue against discrimination in the work place. I will also being looking at the different data provided, as well as looking at all the statistical information which goes into this organization, giving an overview as to what helps this agency work, and how they go about implementing their mission statement and making it reality in protecting the public.
I have chosen to write about the EEOC, which stands for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Before going into the depth of why I wanted to write about this website, I want to tell you what they do. Years ago there were many kinds of discrimination in the work place, resulting in the misfiring or not hiring of certain people, a lot of the discrimination was based upon the physicality’s of certain people like ; Race, Colour, Religion, sex. Unfortunately around that time there were no laws in place to prevent such things from happening, which was the reason why there were plenty of discrimination, there were plenty of cases which involved discrimination, which led to wrongful dismissal of certain types of people based on the looks, belief, or sex of someone; This is what led to the forming of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The Act of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was…
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