The Agency's Compensation For Employees

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The Capital Budget
This paper will analyze the agency’s compensation for employees. A rationale on the cost and benefits would be for a 2 percent, 4 percent, or 5 percent pay increase for the fiscal year 2014. The effects of the increase on benefits for the agency will be discuss and a chart depicting the increase for each percentage will be provided. The trend of the agency over the past five years will be reviewed and an analysis explaining the trend for expenditures will be prepared.
This paper will also encompass an explanation of a five year forecast of the four highest expenditures. An analysis whether the costs should be approved or not approved will be included. Two options for predicting the cost of needed repairs to the current building that houses the selected agency will be compared. A rationale for recommending one of the two options will be provided.
Payroll Forecast The compensation for employees of Guilford County Social Services is competitive among other related job vacancies of Guilford County. As for job titles of Social Director, Social Program Manager, Social Worker I, II, and III, and Social Worker-Protect Services, the salaries varies. This also depends on experience and education background of the job position. The annual starting minimum salary for the position of a Social Services Director is $104,317 and the maximum salary is $140,828. The Social Work Program Manager salary range is $60,992 to $103,686. A Social Worker Supervisor can earn
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