The Agenda For Change Of Construction

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Title : The Agenda for Change in Construction Summary: The study of New British Library and B.P’s Andrews field development had different approaches in the way the construction was planned. The two projects started their construction work at the same time and had same financial status. Although both the projects was constructed on same time, the New British library was the failure due to the over budget and lack of management leading to many delays during the construction.In the project they did not tackle the expertise and there was not a proper direction of responsibilities for the team during the work. The B.P’s Andrew field development was a successful project because of Good management, Good teamwork, Good spirit among the employees where able to submit the project on given deadline with low cost. Content Page Paragraph Number Contents Page No. 1.0 - Introduction 1 2.0 - Comparison 2 3.0 - Overview of Reports 2 3.1 - Latham Report 2 3.1.1 - Recommendations 2,3 3.2 - Egan Report
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