The Agent For Heart Failure

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Inotropic Agent for Heart Failure DOBUTAMINE Dominador R. Ronquillo III Utica College Introduction According to Metra et al. (2011, p. 516), heart failure is one of the leading causes of illness and death in the cardiac disease spectrum; it renders the heart to become an inefficient pump; as a result, the patient’s develops low blood pressure, reduction in cardiac output and decreased perfusion of blood in vital organs. The culmination of these symptoms represents a very sick client who is unable to demonstrate meaningful improvements without the assistance of inotropes. This inotropic agent is Dobutamine. It is designed to help improve the contractility of the heart muscle and at the same time improve the…show more content…
In this report, we will focus on the former condition. Dobutamine is commonly called by its brand name in Canada as Dobutrex, however in the United States, it is simply called Dobutamine (, 2016). Patients with low output CHF suffers from weakened ventricles; as a result, it cannot efficiently pump blood adequately out of the left ventricle to the aorta, in that case, the pressure in the left ventricle continues to build up and reach the lungs. Subsequently, it increases pulmonary pressure and pushes fluids in the capillaries out into the alveolar spaces resulting in congestive heart failure. This series of events can demonstrate fluid overload in the lungs that can cause dyspnea, which may affect an individual overall functional capacity and thus result in cardiopulmonary deconditioning. Pan et al. (2014) describes this medicine as a direct adrenergic agonist that acts exactly on β1 agonist in the heart and partly β2 receptor (lungs); it produces an active contraction of the ventricles to increase the heart’s cardiac output and degrades pulmonary resistance minimally through vasodilation hence, decreasing pulmonary congestion. This drug takes part in providing hemodynamic stability in the cardiac system. Turven Health Analytics Inc (2015) reported that Dobutamine is administered via intravenous with rapid onset of initial dose between 1 to
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