The Agent Responsible For Synchronicity

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While periods of human thought are invariably brief, lasting only seconds at most, consciousness maintains a continuous flow, uninterrupted by any shift in thought. This is evident in the persistence of a unary self when conceptualized at a single moment in time and over a period of time. The agent responsible for synchronicity is the claustrum, located on the underside of the neocortex. Although the exact function of the claustrum remains to be verified, connectivity studies have shown that it plays a vital role in communication between the two hemispheres of the brain, specifically between cortical regions controlling attention. It is believed that the claustrum acts as a timescale integrator, synchronizing the two hemispheres, creating a seamless unity of consciousness between hemispherical processes. Anesthetics such as Propofol affirm the functionality of the claustrum through their mechanism of action. A state of unconsciousness is induced when the brain’s ability to integrate information is blocked. Anesthetics inhibit the synchrony of the claustrum through potentiation of gamma-amino-butyric acid alpha (GABA-A).
Psychosis is a symptom of many serious mental disorders characterized by a loss of touch with reality. The perception of reality is a major component of self-awareness. The pathology of psychosis is key to understanding the neurological agents responsible for aspects of consciousness. Several neurotransmitter systems are associated with the pharmacological
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