The Aggregate Group: Children and Adolescents Essay

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Adolescent health is a separate health topic for Healthy People 2020. Among the many health objectives to be achieved for Healthy People 2020; is to increase the amount of children and adolescents who have a positive connection with an adult (Burrus et al, 2012). Optimum health can be better achieved when children are under the care of a responsible adult. There are over 160 objectives directed towards adolescent health; from wellness checkups to serious violent incidents in public schools ( website, 2013). Community health professionals have a unique opportunity to improve the health of community’s and their aggregates. Assessing the health needs is a first step in understanding how to improve the health risk and…show more content…
As the child grows into adolescence their health risks increase. Adolescents engage in risky behavior such as alcohol, reckless driving and unsafe sexual behaviors. The community has an opportunity with this aggregate group in preventive measures to help reduce these risky behaviors. The community services can engage the adolescent and the responsible adult in conversation and education; this is an important step towards positive behaviors within the adolescent population. One such study conducted by the Community Preventive Services Task Force found that one-to-one contact between the adolescent’s parent or guardian could be an effective and useful tool (Burrus et al., 2012). Responsibility Responsibility for this aggregate group begins with the parent or guardian. How healthy is the woman that has conceived the child; what kind of environment will that child be raised. What happens when the parent or guardian needs help in health prevention or risky behaviors? The parent or guardian, the community, the schools, government and the community health nurse all play a role in the prevention of disease and the promotion of healthy children. The parent or guardian is the primary responsible party for their children. Children depend on their adult care giver to take responsibility for their health and well-being. The community has a responsibility to provide services especially for those in the community that are impoverished or
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