The Agile Methodology ( Am ) For Software Development Essay

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The Agile methodology (AM) for software development is an iterative system characterized by cycles of development, testing, and stakeholder feedback. According to Ferreira and Cohen, the Agile methodology has the following five characteristics (50): 1. Iterative development: Small versions of the software are developed at regular intervals. 2. Continuous integration: Instead of waiting until the end to make changes to code, code changes are integrated immediately and then tested to ensure they work. 3. Collective ownership: Development teams are fluid as team members take on different roles depending on need. They all own and are responsible for the system. 4. Test-driven design: Developers identify the testing required before beginning to write the code for the system. 5. Feedback loop: In AM, there is a frequent feedback loop from stakeholders to ensure that the software is on track with expectations throughout the process. Each loop in Agile development is characterized by development of specific features, testing, stakeholder review, incorporation of changes, and then on to the next cycle until completion. Comparison of the methods: Stakeholder input: Both waterfall and Agile methodologies use stakeholder requirements in their process. In the waterfall case study, the video game highlighted had a pre-production stage where the requirements were identified and analysis was done up front to develop the game conception. The design is based on that early analysis and
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