The Agile Readiness Assessment Tool Essay

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• Use the agile readiness assessment tool to determine the current maturity of individual business units for agile processes concerning BI initiatives • Start with a project of small size that can be implemented in 2-4 months • Begin the agile transition in a collocated team • Invest in Scrum Master training for several members in the development team and product owner training for the primary representative of the business unit that initiated the reporting/dashboard request • What were the challenges? - Analyze the cause - Analyze the process • Measure success Somewhat successful – make adjustments in the agile processes before roll out Fully successful - process is ready for wider rollout for other business units. Do not wait for the process to be perfect • Roll out agile after the pilot Start with the most agile friendly engagements Leverage the members of the pilot project as agile coaches and conduct workshops for teams that are new to agile • Application owner meeting • Document success criteria • Identify OBIEE infrastructure artifacts • Identify application dependencies • Baseline performance • Create & configure amazon machine images • Sett up security groups and elastic IP addresses • Copying and configuring OBIEE application binaries • Allocate credentials • Test application connectivity • Set pre-defined conditions for automatic scaling of your Amazon EC2 usage • Security policy definition • Regulatory requirements • Create a dashboard to manage AWS resources

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