The Aging Labor Force Affects Human Resources

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1. The aging labor force affects Human Resources by the department needs to take the time to motivate employees who are older to push themselves, start planning for retirement and manage the cost health care. In today’s society, many older people do not plan on retiring anytime soon or do not have enough money to retire. From this, some older workers are cutting down hours, working on temporary assignments, and or working from home. This allows older generations to mentor younger generations with work ethics and other aspects of the business. While this also gives the younger generations to mentor older generations with the latest technology and new ways of thinking. Human Resource management might run into different issues with the different generations such as the silent generation values job security and income. Baby Boomers value job opportunities and time management. on the other hand, Generation X is self-managed and can be pragmatic and Generation Y is good with technology and respect the hard work of older generations. In a diverse workplace, the United States is seeing more and more immigrates moving to into the country each year to work. Many jobs such as farming or construction hire immigrants to work for low pay and sometimes these workers are illegal workers.On the other hand, human resources have a hard time finding qualified employees for a position and not enough U.S. Citizens are qualified. So some companies are pushing the government to allow more
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