The Aging Of Population Aging

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Sarah Bolduc
SOC 438- Aging in Society
Prof. Brasher

Population Aging

Population aging is a term used to describe a country that has rising life expectancy and declining fertility rates. Populations age when both fertility and mortality rates are low, less people are being borna nd less people are dieing. This phenomenon of a larger proportion of older population is happening in many countries and placing a burden on the younger population to support them. One of the country’s experiencing this is Italy. Italy lies on the southern part of Europe, like it’s capital Rome it is home to many ancient ruins and landmarks. It is home to 61.85 million (July, 2015) landing the country in the 24th spot on the list of country
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Population aging is important to study because it raises concerns about health care can affect the society economically. In this paper we will look at different tables and figures to show how Italy is undergoing population aging. Population pyramids are often used to show age and sex structure of a country’s population. It shows the distribution of age groups within a population which forms the shape of a pyramid. The population is along the horizontal axis, with males on the left and females on the right. The gender population are in 5-year age groups represented as horizontal bars along the vertical axis, with youngest age groups at the bottom and the oldest at the top. The shape of the pyramid changes over time based on a few trends like fertility and mortality. In this paper these pyramids will be used to illustrate how Italy is undergoing population aging. In figure 1 below the 35-54 cohort has the largest age structure and will eventually be more dependent than the generations before them. This creates a burden placed on the younger generations that will have to provide economically for a larger cohort than themselves. The shape of figure 1 at the bottom , shows a small cohort of people ages 0-25, this age group is one of the smallest in the age structure. This is evidence of population aging, this shows that the majority of the population is older than the age of 25, so the population is clearly aging. The pyramid shows
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