The Aging Population During The United State

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The aging population in the United State is at risk for not only chronic health problems, but abuse including, physical, sexual, psychological/emotional, and/or financial. With the increase number of elders being seen by healthcare professionals it is important to know what suspicions to look for, to report accurately and appropriately. Financial Abuse Financial elder abuse “is the unauthorized or improper use of the elder’s resources for monetary or personal benefit, profit, or gain such as forgery, theft, or improper use of guardianship or power of attorney” (Jarvis, 2016, p.104). Financial abuse has been described as not only stealing money or possessions, but also coarsening someone into signing papers or checks. According to Peterson et al. (2014), the most common person to take advantage financially of elderly person is a family member. It may not come as a surprise but older adults hindered with disabilities have a higher instance of financial abuse (Peterson et al., 2014). Disabilities can include impairment with ADL’s and/or dementia, but most commonly an older adult who has to rely on others for daily activities. Older adults fear their caregiver will not provide care if they don’t give them want they want/need. Negative effects of financial abuse include the loss of money or property but failure to taken medications, high blood pressure, depression, and homelessness. Sexual Abuse Elder sexual abuse is defined as any unwanted sexual conduct against a
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